But the cat came back..

..it just couldn't stay away.

Un po' come i pensieri: non se ne vanno mai.

giovedì 18 novembre 2010

Love Poem

love is a law too pure to make sense
love is smiling at the world
the way a dog smiles at a fance
love is a tender waiting that blooms into speech
love is the mirror we're convertig when we preach
love is unclicking your lips of lies
and it's swinging your hips and closing your yes
love is fallen leaves dancing through the brain
and it's the comfort that comes in the depths of pain
love is a child-poet's boat that's drunk on infinity
and the freedom that grows in chosen captivity
love is swallowing your pride like the night's first drink
and saying yes before taking any time to think
love is a mouth climbing through cliffs of hair
love is a circular dream to share
love is the fuse that turns seed into weed
and it's the line that separates need from greed
love is a mango rotting on the roof
love is an assertion without proff
love is the planet's rivers swimming through earth
and an invisible wisdom that begins before your birth
love is the lust that can't keep us apart
love is walking to work with a trust in our art
love is the only known protecion
against unutterable loneliness
and it's the turh of each moment and only this
love is a remembering that the soul is for listening
and the heart is for seeing
and it's also the spirit of mystery
which sometimes takes the fragrand shape
of another human being

                                    [from Surface - Matt Hetherington]

Più la leggo e più mi innamoro.
E' un capolavoro. Non penso sarei capace di descrivere l'amore in modo migliore.
Ho pensato che sarebbe stato carino condividerla con voi

Un'esame e poi è finita.
Psicologia, a noi due.
Eh sì.. comodo in Australia, non è vero? Mentre voi vi gelate dal freddo lassù, noi qui ci godiamo l'estate!

4 commenti:

Baol ha detto...

Vinicio si chiedeva Checcos'è l'amor...

Bella domanda no?

Salutaci i canguri

Allie. ha detto...

*love is the planet's rivers swimming through earth
and an invisible wisdom that begins before your birth*

non so come sono arrivata qua ma mi piace :3

ha detto...

;D Eh sì è un capolavoro!

I canguri fanno ciao Baol!
Peccato che ora sono tornata a casa :(

Roberto ha detto...

Beata te!